Shareholder benefits

Practical guide 2020/2021

Following the decision at the last Annual General Meeting, which voted on the payment of the dividend and granting preferential rights to shareholders, we are pleased to be able offer our shareholders a number of benefits once again. We thank them for their loyalty to the company. These benefits can be accessed by following the instructions below; this will simplify the process and allow us to offer the best possible services. Thank you in advance.

Who can take advantage of these benefits?

Shareholders and members of their family (ascendants and descendants) specially designated by them can take advantage of preferential rates associated with share ownership.

These benefits are only available to natural persons. If the shareholder is a legal entity, no member of the company, regardless of status, is entitled to preferential pricing associated with the ownership of Téléverbier SA shares.

How to access benefits ?

Benefits can be granted in two ways:

1. By letter until 31st December 2020 (date as postmark).

Send the following documents and information to the TVSA administration department, Case postale 419, 1936 Verbier:
  • A named certificate of deposit from a bank; minimum period of deposit three months (uninterrupted from 1 June to 31 August); shares held in person (without a certificate of deposit) will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • A list of family members (ascendants and/or descendants down to and including grandchildren who are entitled to benefits)
  • A copy of documents proving the relationship (family record book, etc.).
  • A passport photo of the shareholder.
  • For renewals, the “shareholder” smart card for the previous year.
  • For new shareholders, a smart card to be reactivated.
  • For new shareholders without a smart card, a new card will be issued for a price of CHF 5.30 (which can be deducted from shareholder points).
  • The office where the shareholder wishes to pick up their benefits. 

2. At the information office in Médran (Verbier). Note that points cards can only be set up at this office.

It will be available to shareholders from 15th October to 31st December 2020. It can be used:
  • either to set up a “shareholder” card (loaded with points corresponding to the number of shares held),
  • or to collect a “shareholder card” (for return), set up on the basis of documents sent in by post. 
Postal submissions are preferable to limit waiting times at the tills.

“Shareholder” card production

The administration department at Téléverbier SA will produce the card (if it does not already exist) showing the number of points corresponding to the number of shares held, according to the attached table.  The card will be sent to the TVSA office indicated by the shareholder.

“Shareholder” card collection

Cards can be collected from Le Châble, La Tzoumaz and Verbier-Médran. Remember to indicate where you would like to collect your card from. If no indication is given, the card will remain on file in Médran.

Cards may also be sent to shareholders on request, by registered post, for a fee of CHF 5.30 to cover postage (either by providing a franked envelope, or by deducting the amount from the points card).

Use of points

Card holders must present their points card and an identity document at Le Châble, Médran, Savoleyres, Bruson or La Tzoumaz. A maximum of 30% of the price can be paid by deducting points (1 point = 1 franc) when purchasing travel tickets.

The points used are deducted from the points card. The card will show the number of points still available after the points used have been deducted.

Note that unused points from the 2019/2020 season cannot be carried over to the 2020/2021 season, as the rules agreed by the tax authorities state that these points must be cancelled.

Number of shares Points
50 30
100 60
250 100
400 150
700 225
1000 300
1'500 400
2'000 500
3'000 600
5'000 700
10'000 and over 800
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