The important modernization of the lifts, started 2005-2005, correlates with the application of a strategic plan put together by the Administration Consul. The plan was made according to the following points:

  1. Urgent criteria : if the lifts are either primary or secondary, they are either renovated or conceeded until the next check-up
  2. Two main lines must transport skiers to the top of the slopes, via two lifts maximum
  3. The connections between the ski resorts must be efficient. The most important connection is the one between Verbier and Savoleyres-La Tzoumaz.
  4. The fair spread of skiers on the domain is crucial to maintain quality and security on the slopes.
  5. The lifts’ occupation rate must correspond to predefined numbers. If not, the lift must either be taken down, replaced or its speed must be increased.
  6. Climate evaluation must be considered, in the sense of a priority development in altitude.
  7. The maintenance of the brand’s reputation via modern lifts directly impacts Verbier’s reputation.
  8. Priority must be given to the most profitable lifts.
  9. Sustainable development should be the centre of all futur development.

A 15-year master plan for the ski area

Téléverbier SA set up a growth plan when it was only 15 years old, it describes the evolution planned for the lifts as well as for the snow conditions of the slopes. The plan is a part of a series of studies validating its futur success.

Accepted by all four neighboring towns- Bagnes, Riddes, Saxon and Orsières- the plan was modified in order to avoid any kind of enviromental ambiguity so as not to frustrate any environmental protection group. Finding its inspiration in our strategic development, the plan describes the company’s futur projects.

Due to the difficulties regarding the new anti-avalanche norms encountered, the mapping of the zone Carrefour-Les Essert was redone. However, the new layout faced the opposition of various people even though it was accepted by the Conseil d’Etat du Canton du Valais.

In front of the Federal Tribunal, the reactions to the project were mixed : the opposing points were rejected by the judges but they accepted the other points.

The Federal Tribunal demanded that the town of Bagnes complete a study on the effects of the noise and traffic related to the resort. Téléverbier must also present a case justifying the project linking Les Esserts to Savoleyres-La Tzoumaz.

The following construction works will be done by the end of 2028:
  • Renovation of the Mont-Gelé cable car in the summer of 2017
  • Implementation of a complete artificial snow-making system on the entire domain
Even though it is considered a priority by Téléverbier, the construction of the lifts to link Verbier to Savoleyres has been delayed. This is also the case of the extension planned for the lift of Le Rouge. Téléverbier’s technicians have also started exploring a renovation project for the Médran-Ruinettes gondola and a new chair lift on the summit of Bruson.

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