Projects of the operations department


Replacement of the Médran I gondola

In use since 1984, the lift between Les Ruinettes and Verbier needs to be replaced. The current gondola’s technology and transportation capacity no longer meet the demands required by Téléverbier’s customers.

Therefore, during the 2021 summer, a brand new 10-person gondola from Garaventa will be built; its transportation flow will be twice greater than that of the previous lift. The stations of Médran and Les Ruinettes will undergo an important makeover to better the transportation flow and the overall customer satisfaction by the addition of escalators. The new gondolas should be in service by December 2021.

Cabine 10 places CWA Omega V

Gare de Médran 2021

Renewal of the water pumping station and the snow making system Lac des Vaux – Attelas – Ruinettes

In 1994, the first step of the artificial snow making system was built between Le Lac des Vaux and Les Ruinettes. This area makes up the core of Verbier’s slopes and must always remain equipped with the most recent technology.

Its renewal will be done over the summer 2021, therefore allowing an even better snow-cover of Verbier’s slopes early-on in the winter. This will be done with products and material from TechnoAlpin.

Extrait du Masterplan du nouveau réseau d’enneigement mécanique des Attelas


Renewal of the La Pasay chairlift and construction of the chairlift Le Chargerat (Bruson sector)

Multiple large-scale projects are planned throughout 2022 on the sector of Bruson. The fixed-clamp chairlift of La Pasay, built in 1990, will be replaced by a 6-person detachable chairlift. The time spent on the lift will then be done in under 5 minutes, whereas it currently takes up to 11 minutes. The restaurant, also named La Pasay, will be fully transformed, and will allow to offer a service of higher quality on the sector of Bruson.

Additionally, a new chairlift will be built in Bruson. The newest territory development plan of the Verbier ski area has been authorized and, therefore, will allow to connect the bottom of the slope La Pissevache to the col du Chargerat. The Bruson ski area will then become larger and skiers will be able to spread throughout the area.

Télésiège débrayable de la Pasay

Télésiège débrayable du Chargerat


Construction of the Esserts-Planards-Savoleyres connection

Put under inquiry in 2012, the connection between the sectors of Les Ruinettes and Savoleyres is today the object of various appeals. The lift will be a télémix (chairlift and gondola) with a middle station in Les Planards and will allow the Savoleyres gondola to be deconstructed after many years of loyal services. After careful consideration, we have reached the conclusion and strongly believe that this télémix is the best solution to connect the two sectors. We remain hopeful that the judicial issues can be smoothed out.

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