Our mission

The Téléverbier group (Groupe Téléverbier SA, STA SA and Télé-Thyon SA) focuses on two main areas as part of its Quality – Safety – Environment management system: 

  • Management of its ski areas, catering facilities and accommodation services:
    • Verbier (35 lifts)
    • Thyon (11 lifts)
  • Technical services for cable transport systems, after-sales services for snow groomers and specialist vehicles, and metal construction services:
    • STA (1 production site)
As part of our Quality-Safety-Environment policy, the Téléverbier group is committed to:

For QSE standards:

  • Compliance with the relevant standards (particularly regulatory and statutory standards) for the two activities referred to above
  • Adopting a strategy to prevent pollution
  • Adopting a strategy to prevent personal injury and negative impacts on health
  • Adopting a strategy of continuous improvement in respect of our customers, the environment and occupational health and safety 

For our customers:

  • Offering our customers the best possible welcome
  • Improving our quality/price ratio by improving quality rather than decreasing the prices of our goods and services 

For the Valais area:

  • Promoting it in our communications
  • Encouraging cooperation with businesses that have been awarded the Valais Excellence label 

For our suppliers:

  • Forming real partnerships with suppliers who comply or are working to comply with our specifications and requirements
  • Choosing to work for preference, in order of priority, with local, regional or Valais-based businesses where the quality/price ratio is similar to businesses based outside our joint locations. 

For our employees: 

  • Ensuring that everyone derives personal fulfilment from their job
  • Promoting continuing training to maintain and develop skills 
The Téléverbier group also expects its employees to contribute to its success through: 
  • Support for the company’s values
  • Loyalty and honesty
  • Commitment and taking responsibility
  • Competence and reliability 

For health – safety – hygiene:

  • Continuously improving working conditions in terms of health and safety, in particular by promoting health in the workplace through awareness-raising campaigns
  • Identifying and assessing workplace risks and implementing measures to prevent and reduce the frequency of accidents, occupational diseases and work-related illnesses, particularly through awareness raising and training for employees. 

For the environment:

  • Implementing appropriate solutions to reduce the impact of our activities, in particular in the areas of electricity and fuel consumption
  • Undertaking to promote judicious use of resources and ecological waste removal. 


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